Tharasis Business

The first step in building a worldwide empire.

2 in 5 current stores will never make it to 2025.

That's right. 41% of small and medium businesses are expected to close down by next year. That number jumps to 63% within by 2027.

But why is that?

Low Reach

Every App gives nothing but digital real estate. There's no incentive or initiative to actually get people to your store.

Endless Choice

Everyday newer, cheaper stores pop up in India. There's never an incentive to come back to the same store again.

Soaring Inflation

Sadly, with supplies, salaries and marketing costs on the rise, it's becoming harder and harder for small business to remain competitive with larger enterprises.

How does Tharasis work Differently?



Customers come to your store through influencer marketing, hangouts and community events, all at no cost to you.



There's no point in having a one time customer, which is why we reward customers through in-app benefits to keep coming back to you again and again.



We learn from each transaction and tailor the best solutions for your store and your customers.

Why choose us?

You might be thinking :

"Why should I go with your platform? Give me 1 good reason."

Well, here's 4.


With our AI models, earned discounts and loyalty programs, we bring the most interested users to your store.


Our tiered discount program rewards your most loyal customers with higher discounts.

All it takes is 5 visits in 45 days for anyone to become a customer for life.


Since we're able to personalize all of our recommendations, users report 61% increased customer satisfaction.


Once we have 50 stores in your city, our rewards program can get you discounts on any of your goods and services.

We estimate that your costs will drop anywhere between 42 - 61%.

We're currently active in:

Delhi NCR





Meet the Team behind Tharasis

Godwin Rayen - CEO

  • Statistics and Economics Graduate - UCLA .
  • Worked in Product, Analytics, Growth and Venture Capital in the US.
  • Enjoys Training MMA, Listening to Metal Music and Watching Movies.

Debajit Banerjee - CTO

  • Mathematics Graduate - University of Cambridge .
  • Previous Experience working in AI and ML based Research Projects.
  • Hobbies: running, eating cheese and dancing ineptly.

Get 150-600 New customers per week.

That's right. We have a free trial that you can try next week. All you need is to book a call below.

Check if your store is eligible.

Book a quick call today to find out more.

15 minutes of your time can avoid 15 years worth of headaches.


What are the fees?

We charge a 9.5% commission on each order through our app. The fee goes to verify your business with the government, run some anti-fraud checks, and help build up your brand before onboarding to Tharasis.

E.g A user orders Rs.100 from our app. Rs.90.5 will go to you (the store) and Rs.9.5 will go to us.

What is the recommended discount?

We're not discount-dependent on our own, but we have to consider our competition. So, it's best that you offer a discount that you might offer on another app too. You can either match our discount to be as high as your other platforms or lower the discounts on all platforms - both of which work for us.

How does the Payments and Bank Transfer work?

We handle the entire payments part, including the tax calculation. You should receive the money in your account by 2 business days. If there are any delays with our payment gateway, it might take longer. If there are any issues, do reach out to us at and we'll get you your money ASAP.

I don't understand the loyalty program. Can you explain it again?

Users get in-app benefits for coming to the same store again and again. In our research, we've found that 5 visits in 45 days make them lifetime customers. We look to maximize that for you and your store(s).

Will there be any onboarding or training to get us setup?

We have a series of online and offline training sessions that are available to all stores. There will also be trained professionals in your area who can help you immediately with any future issues.

What types of stores can sign up?

Any store that has a unique in-store experience. If you have anything that can't be replicated with delivery or online, give us a call. If not, still give us a call anyways.

No risk to you - 100+ customers per week at 0 cost.

I'm not joking, all it takes is a 15 min call to sign up.

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