What would you do if you never had to spend on marketing again?

How you can get $0 CAC on Tharasis?

01 - Content Engagement

Similar to YouTube, where we pay out for online engagement of any content you cross-post on our platform.

So start posting content and get more likes, comments, and shares to start earning.

02 - Offline Hangouts

We partner with stores(restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.) and you can host hangouts or any other event there. You'll get paid on a commission basis per order at each store.

It's new and the first few people that do will get a huge push from us and our news partners.

Long term you can earn from this during a hangout or time someone uses your referral code.

03 - In house Influencers

We partner up with every influencer, community and organization on our platform.

We take care of all the work of matching you with the right content creators while we take care of all the deal-making, deliverables, and audience reach.

Use the same earnings from our platform to get marketing directly on our platform that's better, cheaper and faster than anything else in the world.

Why we're the better choice?

Any other app
You get nothing for your content
Nothing offline
Find content creators and deal with the headaches of deliverables, dealmaking and audience reach.
Get paid for your content
Setup and get paid for offline hangouts with followers.
Sit back and relax while we find the right marketing for you.

We're currently active in:

Delhi NCR





Meet the Team behind Tharasis

Godwin Rayen - CEO

  • Statistics and Economics Graduate - UCLA .
  • Worked in Product, Analytics, Growth and Venture Capital in the US.
  • Enjoys Training MMA, Listening to Metal Music and Watching Movies.

Debajit Banerjee - CTO

  • Mathematics Graduate - University of Cambridge .
  • Previous Experience working in AI and ML based Research Projects.
  • Hobbies: running, eating cheese and dancing ineptly.

Time to move quickly.

Brands are made by being the first to a new platform. As the only ones operating offline and directly with our brand network, we're going to be the next big thing.

Only Question - Are you going to join us?

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