Communities and Volunteer Organizations

10x your current earnings(or don't I guess, it's a free country)

So what's "Tharasis" all about?

i.e. - what do we do?

Tharasis is an online + offline social media app that communities and volunteer organizations can use to build a community of your most loyal followers and 10x your earnings.

How does this all work?

i.e. - How do I 10x my earnings on your app?

01 - Content Engagement

Post anything on our social media app that you post on any other platform (or look below for a list of ideas that perform very well with our algo).

Whatever the case, the more engagement (ie Likes, Comments, and Shares) your content gets on our platform, the more we pay you.

02 - Offline Hangouts

We partner with stores(restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.) and you can host hangouts with your fans there. Anytime someone uses your referral code, you get 5% of their bill commission.

Short term - Maybe some hangouts or offline events to get your members excited and active on the app

Long term - As long people use your referral code, you'll earn money.

Most of your members will be younger, in cities, and will go out to cafes and bars on the weekend. This way they can also support your community while doing something they were always going to do.

03 - Brand Engagements

Special privilege for our largest communities.

Because we can show how many superfans you have (The number of people that use your referral code), we can match you with international brands that are looking for paid sponsorships with Indian communities.

Superfans are great because they can't be faked (unlike bots, paid likes and other cheating) and it also show how many people see you as their top community - which is the best estimate for a brand's success when working with you

International brands want to see that a community has a real audience and are willing to pay a lot more for that.

Why we're the better choice?

Your current social media app
You get no money for your content. You're essentially doing their job for free.
Nothing offline.
You have to find your own brand sponsorships.
Your content doesn't even get shown to all of your members.
Get paid for your content.
Setup and get paid for offline hangouts with followers.
Sit back and relax while we find brand deals for you.
Get boosted to our audience worldwide.

How to setup an account on Tharasis

Join our 14 communities + NGOs in a minute (or don't I guess. It's a free country).

How do I get my audience over here?

It's time to bring over your top 5% most engaged followers to Tharasis.

If you already have a Discord Group, WhatsApp channel, Telegram channel, YouTube channel, or Broadcast Channel on Instagram - that's the exact community to bring over here. The method you used to build up a following on one of those would be the same way to start moving people to Tharasis.

If you don't, you can post a reel, video, or story saying something like this (do it in your own words):

"Hey (what you call your followers)! I'm super excited to invite you to join me on Tharasis!
It's where I'll share exclusive behind-the-scenes content, engage in live Q&As, and host exclusive meetups just for you.
If you love what I do here, you won't want to miss out! Click the link below to follow me on Tharasis and be part of something amazing!"

Make sure to share your Tharasis profile link in your post and make sure it's added to your bio or existing links.

I got started with my followers, what's next?

Get started with some content ideas

Idea 1: Hangouts

The Bread and butter of our app. Setup a hangout on our app and invite your followers to follow you on Tharasis.

Idea 2: Discussion Threads

Engage in meaningful discussions on hot topics.

Idea 3: Meet the Admins

Get to know the community admins through interviews or spotlights.

Idea 4: Monthly Themes

Introduce a new theme each month and encourage content around it.

What now? What do I keep doing?

2x the content fun

Make sure to cross-post some of your other content from other platforms. Your members will always want content, not only 2x a week.

2x a week

Post atleast 2x a week for some exclusives. It's the easiest way to keep your audience engaged and your earnings high.

2x Reach, 2x Earnings

Start referring other communities ASAP. That'll help with the algo + build more audience in your niche.

2x the help

Always available for any kind of help. Whatsapp me at +918778974646 or email me at

Want to 2x your earnings?

The easiest way to grow your audience and your earnings is through referrals. Refer to other communities. When they cross 500 followers - both of you get 1 month of 2x earnings.

Send me a screenshot

Tell that community admin friend of yours to sign up.

Once they're done, send me a screenshot of their profile (like the one here) to either:

1) Email: OR

2) Whatsapp: +918778974646

Get moving

Tell them to get off their ass and get to 500 followers ASAP so you can get your $$$$

(or ₹₹₹₹ in India) .

It also stacks. E.g if you refer 3 people - you'd get 3 months of 2x earnings.

A sample message could be:

"Yo (whatever you call them), get on Tharasis now. I need my money ASAP!!!!!"

Meet the Team behind Tharasis

Godwin Rayen - CEO

  • Statistics and Economics Graduate - UCLA .
  • Worked in Product, Analytics, Growth and Venture Capital in the US.
  • Enjoys Training MMA, Listening to Metal Music and Watching Movies.

Debajit Banerjee - CTO

  • Mathematics Graduate - University of Cambridge .
  • Previous Experience working in AI and ML based Research Projects.
  • Hobbies: running, eating cheese and dancing ineptly.